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Founder of iROKOTV. Co-Funder of iROKING and Spark. Professional (and certified) geek

Moving Forward and Killing Freemium

Sometime at the beginning of 2014, Bastian and I were sitting with around $9 million in the bank trying to figure out what the best path forward for iROKO was. We had operated our freemium model for the best part of 18 months and our advertising business had just delivered

Digital Music Business War

Last month, my wife and I had dinner in Lagos with one of the most successful record label executives in Nigeria. Although we speak whenever we see each other and both have a massive mutual respect for each others’ efforts, we have never been able to actually agree on any

Being a Black Tech Founder

It’s hard out there being a young black person. Even if you have cash you are generally treated as a second tier citizen outside of Africa. It happens to me everywhere I travel. It even happens to Oprah - all $2.8 billion of her. That’s why I