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Jacob Mugendi

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Columnist at iAfrikan.com. Team leader and engineer at Truehost.

The need for an ecosystem for meaningful digital innovation in Northern Kenya

Different stakeholders need to work towards making digital technologies a success in Northern Kenya. There is a great need for developing an ecosystem for meaningful digital innovation in Northern Kenya.

Safaricom’s Fair Usage Policy causes a stir in Kenya

Although many broadband connections are marketed as "unlimited internet," the term is misleading. There's no such thing as an infinite internet capacity.

Kenya is becoming the graveyard of retail businesses

Kenya is quickly becoming a deathbed for giant retailers. In a space of approximately six years, several retailers that had a national presence have met their grave.

Corruption and inefficiencies at Kenya Power are the enemies

It would not be too farfetched to assume that the C in KPLC stands for corruption because the level of corruption that exists in the company is of cosmic proportions, out of this world. KPLC has become a corruption cash cow for its different stakeholders.

How electricity and home appliances have evolved

Although much has changed, current wiring practices are very rigid and possibly fit for the late ’80s. Even houses that are being built today fail to plan for the increasing number of appliances that are in use today and with little planning for smart devices.

Terrorism is a threat to telecommunications in Northern Kenya

The game plan by Al-Shabaab was usually to cut off communication before launching attacks on their targets thus hindering response from security personnel. However, this now seems to be an end in itself, as destroying communication masts is a form of economic terrorism that will frustrate Kenya.

M-PESA fraud using USSD on the rise

If Safaricom wanted, they could verify the information and permanently block M-PESA scammers on their platforms and never allow them to register any SIM card on their platform. But they don't.