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Columnist at iAfrikan.com. Team leader and engineer at Truehost.

Reigning on SIM card Related Fraud in Kenya

The mobile phone plays a critical role in the lives of people in Kenya, just like many other developing countries. Access to financial services, the internet, and money transfer largely depends on a mobile phone, making a SIM card an important identifier for many people.

NopeaRide is Making Clean Mobility a Reality in Kenya

NopeaRide is a ride-hailing company that is unique and a first-mover because it runs 100% electric cars in Nairobi. That in itself is something good, but there is more to it.

Challenge of Recruiting from a Market with High Unemployment Rate

This is why instead of advertising for jobs, small companies will just look for referrals. This is a common practice that means that those who do not have the networks may not get the jobs, even when they have all the skills. Those without networks and connections end up losing the game.

The Problem of Capital for SMEs in Kenya

A report by the Central Bank of Kenya showed that banks turned away 28% of all SMEs that came knocking for credit in 2020. Microfinance institutions reported even a higher percentage.

Lessons from development failures

Once in a while, technologies that are meant to change the world emerge, but turn out to be nothing but hot air. In fact, many end up making bad problems worse.

Corruption has an effect on taxes in Kenya

That Kenya is a corrupt country and a lot of money is lost through corruption is not a secret. President Uhuru Kenyatta admitted that the Government of Kenya loses KShs 2 billion every day to corruption, which is more than 25% of the government budget.

The difficulty of importing goods into Kenya

The inventory business in Kenya is an extreme sport. Losses, cartels, taxman, and other unknown factors can make it really hard for new entrants.