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Jacob Mugendi

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Columnist at iAfrikan.com. Team leader and engineer at Truehost.

M-PESA has achieved a key milestone in Kenya

The number of businesses in Kenya using Safaricomโ€™s popular Lipa na M-PESA service has now crossed the 200,000 mark according to the company.

How to get the e-mails you send past the spam folder

Frustration with e-mail is a common thing. A major one is when you send emails and they are delivered to the spam folder.

Kenya's eCitizen punitive convenience fee

Charging KShs 35 for balance inquiry is too expensive when the actual cost from the telcos is about KShs 1. This attempt to make money from every possible non-core service makes the product expensive and the result is that competitors will innovate around that.

The problem with cheap Android smartphones

African governments need to regulate which smartphone manufacturers can sell devices. The unknown brands of mobile phones pose the highest risks as far as preloaded malware and bloatware is concerned. They also don't have spare parts readily available.

How Letโ€™s Encrypt changed the Web

Before 2016, only 40% of internet traffic was running on a secure protocol. Today, that percentage has risen from 40% to over 80%. This is all thanks to Let's Encrypt.

Safaricom and Google partnership hopes to increase smartphone penetration

Safaricom and Google have entered into a partnership that aims to empower one million Kenyans to acquire a 4G enabled smartphone and increase data consumption for Safaricom and empower the phone user to do much more than is possible on a feature phone.

Print media companies in Kenya have just discovered e-mail

Kenyan mainstream print media companies seem to have just discovered e-mail as they have started serving pop-up notices on their websites for newsletter subscriptions.