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Jacob Mugendi

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Columnist at iAfrikan.com. Team leader and engineer at Truehost.

Africa's sachet economy

It appears that sachets dominate the retail industry in many parts of Africa. One of the reasons they have become popular is that they are less costly, mainly for the manufacturer, and not the consumer.

The omniscient platforms

Despite us, as individuals not liking any other person to stalk us, we somehow are comfortable with digital platforms collecting all sorts of data on us and constantly monitoring us in the background.

In God we trust, everyone else must bring data

Understanding how data works can help one make one good use of the opportunities presented by the same. It will also help one stay safe by sharing their data responsibly.

Understanding the age of data

If data is the new oil, giving out your personal data indiscriminately is like allowing any person who comes your way to set up an oil rig on your private property. Kenyans need to be more vigilant.

How the WHOIS service exposes personal data

When you publicly provide information to WHOIS such as an address, phone number, and e-mail address associated with a domain name, you are giving a potential hacker a starting point where they can hijack the domain.

The future of the internet in Kenya should be fiber

At the moment, the dominant form of internet access across Africa is through mobile networks which offer a metered internet. The ideal situation would be where people have a fiber connection.

Access to information can help Africa solve many of its problems

While the Information Age may have peaked, there are still opportunities that are yet to be unlocked especially in marginalized societies and communities. There are still places where people have not enjoyed the full benefits of access to information, due to skill levels or lack of resources.