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Esther Ngumbi

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Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University in Alabama, United States. She serves as a 2015 Clinton Global University (CGI U) Mentor for Agriculture.

Afrikan agriculture can gain from increased access to Big Data

African scientists are about to get unprecedented access to enormous amounts of satellite data. This is thanks to a deal signed by the African Union with the European Commission’s Copernicus programme, which describes itself as the world’s third largest data provider. Data, and access to good reliable data,

To Address Afrika’s R&D Challenges, More Funding And Citizen Science Are Needed

Climate change, HIV/AIDS, recurring droughts, and food insecurity are some of the most pressing issues the Afrikan continent has had to deal with in 2016. These issues pose a significant threat to economic, social and environmental development in Africa and create health and economic challenges to the continent. Yet,

Predictive Data Analysis Can Help Afrikan Farmers Prepare For And Avoid The Worst Effects Of Drought

The scorching heat of Kenya’s South Coast is causing nightmares for many farmers. Just two months ago, after the rains arrived, the farms were lush and green. The maize fields were thriving and the tomatoes and bell peppers were flourishing. Farmers were happy and looking forward to a bumper