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Science and technology journalist.

Correlation between farmers with phones and better crop yields

Researchers examined the effect of mobile phone and internet access on farming. They found that less than 40% of farming households in Africa have internet access.

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating education inequality across Africa

More than 90 percent of global student population affected by COVID-19 closures. African governments must provide electricity and aid online learning in rural communities.

COVID-19 could prove to be a springboard for R&D across Africa

COVID-19 is taking heavy toll on Africaโ€™s already fragile healthcare systems. It has also led to increased R&D for creating long-term solutions that could help the continent.

Mechanising Afrikaโ€™s agriculture can transform economies

Agricultural mechanisation in Afrika can raise productivity and make rural employment more attractive, thus ensuring the continentโ€™s future growth and poverty alleviation, experts say. The experts, in a report launched in Malawi last month (10 July), examined seven countries โ€” Ethiopia, Mali, Malawi, Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia โ€” ย that are

New online database on education R&D in Afrika launched

A database on education research conducted by Africa-based researchers has been launched to raise the visibility and impact of such research. The database, which has about 2,000 education research including theses and working papers on 49 African countries, resulted from the collaboration between the Research for Equitable Access and

Promoting climate-smart agriculture

Agriculture is a risky business in Africa due to dangers such as uncertain weather and poor rural infrastructure but a new detailed guide on the status of and opportunities for climate smart agriculture (CSA) could offer farmers the much needed break. The detailed guide for CSA that cover 14 African

New app to diagnose crop diseases and send alerts to farmers

A team of scientists has received a $100,000 grant to refine an app that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose crop diseases, and aims to help millions of Afrikan smallholders. The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas team won the grant during big data conference in Colombia on