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Advises Startup founders on creating compelling marketing stories (See LinkedIn profile) . Ex-Starbucks & Microsoft, created social marketing strategy helping 75k+ entrepreneurs build on Azure.

5 Quick Things To Remind Yourself When Startup Failure Is Haunting You

Are you finding yourself feeling self-loathing over the prospects for your startup? Awake in the middle of the night with fevered dreams of paranoia? ![Lord Testing ME](/content/images/2016/04/Lord-Is-Testing-Me.gif) Here are 5 quick things you should remind yourself, when you feel like you are destined to

Marketing Is Part Of Product Development

Marketing is not something you start after the product is ready for launch, it is part of the product development process. This is a typical, and completely normal, pattern for first-time and long-time founders. Product is ready for launch. Let’s christen it with marketing and send it on its

Tell A Story With Your Startup Marketing

I met β€œAllan” at a Starbucks on Caine Road. The air conditioner is out downstairs, we sit under an Arctic blast from the upstairs vent, which clears the sweat from our eyebrows on this extremely hot and muggy Hong Kong night. Allan is a former IT consultant who started his