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First Thoughts On The Samsung Galaxy S8

In case you haven't been following theΒ news and keeping track of the leaks, there are a couple of new additions to Samsung's Galaxy S range, the S8 and S8+. And they are incredibly beautiful devices, packed with a host of new features. Granted Samsung had to do something special

What Does Uber's Recent Price Hike In Kenya Mean For Drivers And Customers?

Uber Kenya have raised their prices effective yesterday, and this change will definitely cause many people to want to change their mind about the service. Here are the changes: Over the past few weeks, Uber hasn't been having good press globally due to many things from Susan Fowler's exposive blog

Safaricom Is Challenging For A Share Of Kenya's Online Electronics Market With A New E-Commerce Platform

There are many things I find truly fascinating about Safaricom. They are the biggest mobile operator in Kenya with close to 70% market share, and the country's most profitable company by a mile. They are no longer just a telecoms company. We don’t want to become a company for

A Crazy Idea That Just Might Help Airtel Kenya Grow

This won’t be my first time writing about Airtel Kenya. A friend once suggested I hate the network provider when I angrily published something on Storify after a series of disappointments when I tried to get help with an issue related to their data service. Well, I'm still on

Nokia Is Back In The Smartphone Business, With A 5.5 Inch Device Running Android 7 Nougat

HMD, the company that acquired the exclusive rights to the Nokia brand, has released their first phone, dubbed the Nokia 6, manufactured by Foxconn. It will be exclusively available in China through JD.com and will retail for about $245. The phone specifications are as follows: 5.5 inch Full

Some Of The Most Exciting Announcements From CES 2017 So Far

It is virtually impossible to follow everything that goes on at CES. Not being there physically makes it even harder. I usually just wait for a few articles and videos from people attending and see what’s going on. Never too closely interested unless something big happens. This year, even

We May Be The Most Informed Generation In History, But A New Age Of Deliberate Ignorance Is Upon Us

I like to think about the past, and how people at the beginning of the 20th century imagined how the future would play out. They certainly experienced some of our most significant inventions - the birth of human flight and the invention of the automobile. The general consensus was that