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Building stuff in Silicon Savannah.

How FinTech startups can increase customer loyalty

Cashback rewards in the long run could be trojan horse that FinTech startups have been waiting for. More people will become more inclined to go cashless because of clear incentives when one goes that road.

Why I stopped reading TechCrunch

For Africa, TechCrunch concentrates on closing funding from Venture Capitalists as a means to success. This sends a misguided signal to an upcoming entrepreneur who will think that one must raise several thousand dollars to create a successful venture.

Optimism about Africa's startup landscape

Most parts of the continent are still offline. Many still don’t have access to clean energy or even running water. However, there is good reason to be positive as many opportunities still exist that startups can capture and provide solutions for.

How people make the most of mobile phones in Uganda

Battery technology hasn’t caught up with the pace of mobile technology and all its applications. As such, the most popular option in Uganda is for users to carry a second feature phone with incredible battery life.

MTN can’t explain how 30GB of my data vanished

An interesting story of David Okwii once loading 30GB of shared data on a Thursday and by Saturday of the same week, it was already finished. When he checked hs data usage app, it said he had only used 350MB yet MTN insisted he used it all up.

The future of your personal data

Many people do not know what they are giving up in order to be able to use their favourite FREE apps and online services. This is only about to get more complicated as the collection of personal data extends to biological data.

FinTech startups are losing against cash

Cashless payments uptake has a huge uphill task to overcome until the merchant value proposition is sorted out.