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The Birthday Paradox and How It Is Applied To Hacking Passwords

If you keep tabs on birthday notifications on Facebook, you’ll realize that there are several friends of yours who share a birthday. If so, what are the chances of two randomly chosen friends having the same birthday? This is a well-studied problem in statistics known as the Birthday Problem.

Building a Company - Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur

On a quiet evening in December 2010, while walking from Kenyatta University main campus towards Kahawa Wendani (students’ preferred off-campus residence), a thought rushed through my mind – I partially remembered a computational trick I read from a recreational mathematics book in High School. A problem, I couldn’t remember the

A Quick Look At Kenya's Consumer Mobile Habits

A Kenyan mobile advertising company, MobiAds, released a report on the behavior of users on their flagship mobile app Royalty King. Through their platform, the company tracked 29,940 users to understand their behavioral dynamics while accessing the Internet. Download the Mobile Online Habits report Below are some of the

Dispelling Myths About Nairobi's Traffic Through Data Analysis

At a Data Science meet-up in Nairobi, there was an interesting presentation from Henk Harmsen. He picked up a data set from Digital Matatus and built a network graph of bus and matatu stages in Nairobi. In it, he uncovered fascinating facts. First, which is the busiest matatu stage in