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I am a Teacher of Computer Science and a Researcher in Education Technology. My current area of research interest is in enabling learners to use their mobile phones to learn Java programming.

Afrika Needs More Women Computer Scientists. Here's How To Make It Happen

In Africa, a continent grappling with many social ills, it’s critical that universities produce more Computer Science graduates. It’s also one that equips students with crucial skills. Computer Science graduates are problem solvers and logical thinkers who can apply their technical expertise in a range of ways – including

Mobile Phones Offer A New Way For Afrika's Students To Learn Programming

It’s not easy for Computer Science students at most universities in Africa to practice and develop their programming skills. They have the ability to program, but access to desktop or laptop computers might be a problem. I experienced this first-hand while teaching programming at a Kenyan university. Most African

There's A Disconnect Between Research And Technology, And This Is Undermining Our Attempts At Innovation

There is a lot of talk about innovation in tech.  Indeed, Kenya is nicknamed the ‘Silicon Savannah’ because of its vibrant tech scene. If the number of tech competitions and tech startups is to go by then we are quite literally throwing all our eggs in the tech basket. In