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Senior technical consultant at Andela. Lead maintainer and developer of NSEFinance, an experimental API for the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Convener of The Lagos GitHub meetup

Ever Wondered How Facebook Knows Which Post Is Similar To Which?

If you have two or more friends posting the same link to an article, Facebook will intelligently group these two articles into one single feed. Well, Facebook uses some sort of clustering algorithm and Jaccard is one of them. What is Jaccard Coefficient or Jaccard Similarity? "The Jaccard index,

When It Comes To App Design, Grandma Knows Best

In 2007, at the famous, World Wide Developer Conference event, Steve Jobs, the late CEO and co-founder of Apple, introduced the iPhone to the world. By 2008, Google released the Android OS to the world and made it free to OEMs worldwide. Both devices and OS' have gone on to

Dear Young People, Txtspk Is Killing You!

Dear young people, I get it, at this stage in your life you pay very little or no attention to some things and you couldn't be bothered. I understand the pressure to be hip and have “swag” but if you must do it, do it right. You see, I’m

Shipping 1st Prototype Quickly vs. Getting Engineering Right First

"First make it work, then make it right, then make it fast." - Kent Beck, creator of Extreme Programming methodology I once had a rather interesting and illuminating discussion with someone around on some core concepts that almost every startup will deal with at some point; over engineering

It's About Time We Disrupt The Handymen, Artisan & Repairmen Market

Anyone that has had any dealings with an artisan or a handyman will tell you how unpleasant the experience is. From broken promises to buying substandard parts — while charging you for the original — to fixing problems based on guesses, to causing further damage, the list goes on. A while ago,

How One Of Nigeria's Big E-Commerce Players Developed An In-House Notifications-As-A-Service System

Notifications are at the heart of every client facing product for any e-commerce company. This is especially true for us at Konga as notifications are also important to most internal products that we build. Notifications afford us an easy way to keep in touch with our customers, keep them in

Why I'm Bullish On Lagos And Nigeria's Tech Startups

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi Towards the end of 2015, there was a barrage of tweets from experts about all that is wrong with the current tech (read startup) ecosystem in Nigeria. I have