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Senior technical consultant at Andela. Lead maintainer and developer of NSEFinance, an experimental API for the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Convener of The Lagos GitHub meetup

In Order To Build The Afrikan Software Engineering Ecosystem, We Need To Share And Learn From Each Other

In Steve Case’s book, The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision for The Future, he outlines the different waves that have defined the Internet and laid out the foundation for the explosive technological innovation that we experience today. The first wave — building the internet — lasted between 1985-1999, and was

How Konga Built SellerHQ, Its Custom Marketplace That's Powering E-commerce In Nigeria

Early this year, I wrote a post with a rather screaming title: Konga, the emergence of African technology powerhouse. The essence of that post, this one and many more to come is to share some insights with regards to the lessons we have learnt in the course of building our

Nigeria's N-Power Initiative Has An Awful Website. Here's How To Fix It.

A few days ago, the Federal Government of Nigeria launched a project dubbed N-Power that, in its own words, seeks to 'empower Nigerian Youths for Prosperity'. While this is a laudable initiative, the main contact point for the project — its website - isn't very good. Aside the fact that it

Everyone is Clueless

From the outside, it always looks like some people have it all figured out and they are just riding the wave. The reality is very different, however. They are just failing fast and learning from the experience as they go on. Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Chesky and a host of other

Embrace The Chaos Of Working At A Startup, It's Part Of The Reward

It’s an interesting time to be working in tech, especially at a startup, but I’ve got a feeling that a lot fewer people are cut out for the high powered, high input and high expectations environment that comes with working at a startup. A few days ago, I

Let's Talk About Product And Feature Development

Often times we get really excited about new products and new product features that we forget how they fit into the bigger picture of the organisation. While launching products and new features are great, it is imperative that we measure and understand their overall place in the company’s bottom

Mobile Is Now The Primary Screen

“Mobile is the future, scratch that. Mobile isn’t the future, it is the primary screen.” The above quote sounds all too familiar, it is now cliché. In Africa, the millennial have leapfrogged the desktop paradigm straight to mobile. In a world where social media has been so woven into