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New weather stations to help Uganda with climate resilience

Uganda’s new weather stations are looking to aid climate resilience

Cutting malaria deaths by 96% in Zambia

A suppository form of the common antimalarial artesunate has dramatically cut child deaths from severe malaria in a trial in rural Zambia, one of the organisations behind the programme has said. According to the WHO’s world malaria report published in 2017, Zambia's entire population of nearly 17 million people

Genomic models can reduce the time it takes to breed bananas

Scientists have shown that it is possible to speed up banana breeding through genomic prediction models, giving potential hope to banana breeders and smallholders in East Afrika. Banana, according to Moses Nyine, a research scientist at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Uganda, and a co-author of the study, is

Ethiopia's automated weather stations to help herders

Automated weather stations (AWS) are being installed in some of Ethiopia’s lowlands to help herders and other vulnerable residents respond better to recurring climate shocks. The Farm Africa-led Market Approaches to Resilience (MAR) project in the Afar, Southern Nationals People's Region State and Somali regions of Ethiopia is a

Afrika Is Slow To Embrace Nanotechnology Despite Its Benefits

Despite immense potential that nanotechnology holds for Afrika’s development, the continent is slow in embracing it, a workshop report says. The report compiled from a national workshop by Nanotechnology Research Group at Nigeria’s Ladoke Akintola University of Technology and published last month (11 September 2017) cites inadequate funding

Online Tool For Exploring Afrikan Countries’ Climate Action Plans Now Available

A new interactive online tool that helps countries to access and compare their priorities and ambitions related to climate action plans has been developed. Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Explorer could contribute to the global climate action in the context of the UN climate negotiations, according to its developers. In 2013,

New Genomics Tool Focusing On Afrikan Populations

A new research tool — genomics array — developed specifically for genomic and epidemiological research in Africa could enable researchers efficiently look at genetic diversity of African populations. Africa is the birthplace of human evolution, and has the highest amount of genetic variation but most existing genotyping tools are for European populations,