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Design strategist at OsanNimu 3D Branding and Packaging Design LLP.

The Life of Interfaces

What type of thinking informs the collective impact interfaces of cities, devices, products, spaces, services and product packaging have on peopleโ€™s lives? There is an informed realization from collaborating UK, Ireland and Africa cities based networks that the imaginative application of design is defining behaviour and visceral responses to

How Do I Determine When My Bus Will Arrive In Lagos?

I take the LAGBUS and the BRT, regularly so what? About 10,000 Lagosians do so every hour. LAGBUS and BRT are instantly recognizable features on Lagos streets; primarily because they offer a faster and cheaper option of transport public service across the city. However, for a premium fare, some

Lagos' Future Imagined From Fiction To Digital Manufacturing And Humanoids

Pelu Awofeso in Abuja, Rebecca Jones in Birmingham and myself in North London were about to wrap up a project discussion on Skype, just then โ€˜scaling up enterpriseโ€™ drifted into our thoughts. Pelu ran with the drift by thinking aloud about a collaborative framework between Nairobi, Johannesburg and Lagos, driving

What Informs What Is On Offer Online To Globally Curious Afro-Tourists?

How might an intrepid international cultural consumer explore the idea, online, of a place where they are able seek the unusual as well as take away plenty of practical tips and worthwhile insights about Travel destinations? What are their expectations of refined search functions which allows this cultural consumer to

How Digital Literature Can Affect The Culture Of Writing, Reading And Publishing Across Africa

In the prevailing and well-accepted view, mobile phones are the most accessible and affordable platform that allows for infrastructure deficits like electricity shortages and minimal broadband access to be circumvented across Africa. Smartphones like the Techno N3 are sold in Nigeria and other parts of Africa for approximately ยฃ50.00.