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Science and technology journalist.

The global innovation divide

Asia tops a global list of innovation hubs drawn up from the number of patents filed, but most other world regions don’t feature in the top 100, says a new World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) report. China, Japan and Korea are among the seven countries with at least four

Open data is creating opportunities for scientists on tight budgets

Vast repositories of biomedical data that are available on the Internet for free mean that researchers around the world can create their own drugs and diagnostics. β€œOpen data, especially biomedical open data, is the most important export today of the western world,” said Atul Butte, director of the Institute for

Thierry Zomahoun on Afrika's need for a quantum revolution

Thierry Zomahoun is the president and chief executive officer of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), and founder and chairman of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF), which helps foster collaboration among young African scientists. In an effort to raise Africa’s profile in how science and mathematics can address