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Alison Gilwald

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Adjunct Professor, Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, University of Cape Town.

Are people protected when governments collect mobile phone data for COVID-19?

South African government guidelines confirm the powers of the state to conduct mass surveillance of both COVID-19 carriers, and potential carriers through the sharing of data by mobile operators.

South Africa must use technology to help fix its problems

South Africa has not been immune to the 4IR hype. "4IR" has been prioritised over more mundane, but essential, policy interventions aimed at ensuring the more equitable inclusion of the populace into a modern, digital economy.

South Africa is caught up in the Fourth Industrial Revolution hype

The WEF’s appropriation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution concept has arguably been one of the most successful lobbying and policy influence instruments of our time. The notion of a 4IR might be a convenient way of packaging history and of mobilising people.

Despite widespread access to mobile phones, the digital divide remains

We don't have the data in developing countries, and in global statistics to know if the digital divide is being closed.