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Bootstrapping Morocco's economy. Hustling in space-time.

You Didn't Fail, You Just Made An Error

All around the startup communities, and in modern startup culture, failure is praised in a neo-pagan way. For those who are inexperienced, failure looks cool and something to be proud of. The point is not failure, as a third time entrepreneur, with a mathematics and engineering background. The thing that

How To Bootstrap An Airline

When you are starting a startup or a business you are not starting with “an idea”. You are starting with a solution to a problem. “Idea” is a sterile word that adds noise to your thinking. Even startups like Snapchat are not ideas, they are solutions to privacy. In the

How To Kick Google's Ass In 3 Steps

Venture Capitalist and Computer Scientist, Paul Graham, did make an interesting statement a while ago: “Some company should replace Google search engine” Mobile search is really broken. Maybe that is the first place to start. I live in a third world country - Morocco. I think many of my ideas

This Model For Events Sounds Dumb And Obvious

I have noticed that most “active” tech and startup communities in Morocco, are doing a lot of events. Events cost money. You have the same faces, and at a certain point 60% of the topics are the same. At the end we have more events than projects, and more project

Why I Believe Apple's Swift Going Open Source Gives Hope To The Future Of Computing

First, let's start by looking back at the history of some of the technology we use today, that we often take for granted, to understand how a good programming language and a good compiler can make the world shake, literally. Turing Machine Alan Turing was the first to formalize the

A Manifesto For Startups - The Vacuum Journey

In Morocco, starting a startup is not about making millions of dollars or the next big app. Here, startups strive to build missing pillars of the economy from scratch. In a phenomenon, that I call 'Internetopia', that is taking place, where individuals independently unite together to make history. We are

The Future Of The Web Beyond Bitcoin

Existing social media such as Facebook and Twitter, are about the consumption of content, it has already replaced books, TV and newspapers to name a few. The web started as “access to information”, then slowly people started using it as a “space of interaction” adding a more human aspect to