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Bootstrapping Morocco's economy. Hustling in space-time.

How not to run a venture capital fund targeting technology startups in North Africa

Interviews are not only a clearance medium but an insurance instrument, for mutual evaluation towards mutual trust. If a tech startups VC fund can’t tolerate a 5% insurance, I wouldn’t even trust such a fund.

Designing a financial instrument for high growth startups

Fundamental technological innovation, such as autonomous vehicles, cleaner batteries, cheaper space travel, etc., require a combination of thorough user understanding, delicate scientific diligence, and financial agility. These ventures aim to build deterministic solutions using deterministic processes. While the financial securities deployed to sustain these ventures, such as convertible notes, corporation

Using consortiums as a financial organization that subsidizes venture capital

When you consider popular opinion, venture capital (VC) is useful, even with the high risk it comes with. This is truer in fundamental innovation development such as NanoTech or space exploration. However, the product centered nature of VC backed organizations, a major percentage for them is friction cost. Friction cost

Relentless design and croissant distribution

I was challenged, again, by my friend Adnane Addioui to publish designs on scaling social impact with viable business models. Thus I picked the first problem at sight, feeding the hungry. I noticed that at the end of each day, a bakery would have some croissants that were not sold

How to catalyze innovation

This article is a proposal on a set of actions based on four major axis of public-private partnerships aimed at improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Morocco. By extension, I also make some proposals on improving the Moroccan investment environment as a whole. I will introduce the methodology adopted, which includes

How Not To Do Shipping And Logistics For Your E-Commerce Startup

One of the most frustrating experiences I ever had a while back, is getting my WamdaCard shipped to me in Morocco. Some random guy Called me: Le Me: Allo!! who is with me? Random Guy: Is this the guy from Settat? Le Me: Yes, who is calling Random Guy: I

How To Network Like A Boss At Tech Events

Networking is the simple art of making friends to do business, and doing business to make more friends. Attending conferences and events is essential to nurture your network of contacts, either to find customers, investors, partners, or mentors but during massive conferences and events, we tend to get lost, waste