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Founder of @BitFyr & CTO @Beezon. Software Developer, Open Source Enthusiast, Linux Lover, Security Nerd, Techie and Mozilla Volunteer.

How Analyzing My Landing Page Helped Me Learn About Potential Users

As founder of Bitfyr and software developer building a new product called Moments that solves a problem in my country, Angola, I had to focus on so many elements at the same time. Things like researching the market to find out if the product might be viable in the country,

7 Programming Languages And Their Super Hero Equivalents

Imagine. If (Programming languages == Superheroes) They all have their own distinctive style and odd character. Their unique set of traits attract deviants that sometimes form a community who then hold conferences to talk about their deviant ways. So, one I was wondering if programming languages were superheroes who would they

Starting Up In Angola Is Akin To Being An Astronaut

It’s the day of the flight and you look at your fellow astronauts, each one with an anxious looking face that causes your heart to do some acrobatics inside your chest. Your stomach's feeling like Hiroshima after the equivalent of about 16 kilotons of TNT landed on it. You