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Founder of @BitFyr & CTO @Beezon. Software Developer, Open Source Enthusiast, Linux Lover, Security Nerd, Techie and Mozilla Volunteer.

7 programming languages and the super heroes they could be

Imagine. If (Programming languages == Superheroes) They all have their own distinctive style and odd character. Their unique set of traits attract deviants that sometimes form a community who then hold conferences to talk about their deviant ways. So, one I was wondering if programming languages were superheroes who would they

Improve User Experience with Machine Learning

It's 5:00 PM and you're leaving the office. You get to your car and get in. "Good afternoon sir", you hear. "Good afternoon", you reply. You are not speaking to a human, but rather a level 5 autonomous vehicle with Artificial intelligence that learns from

How The Financial Crisis In Angola Is Helping Software Developers

The Angolan economy is mostly dependent on it’s most sorted for natural resource, oil, and recently the high price for oil has impacted the African country's economy negatively. This seems not to be the case for Angolan software developers, this might be a very good time. Until the recent

Look Out For A Technology Podcast With An Angolan Flavor

The Angolan technology community is in its infancy and just beginning to take its first steps in this ever changing and expanding technology jungle. A predominantly Portuguese speaking country, Angola is giving birth to its very first tech startups and thanks to organizations like KiandaHub and competitions like Seed Stars

What Great Programmers Know That Newbies Don’t

Let’s say you and a friend challenged each other on coding an algorithm to find a student by key in a list of a 100 students and you both came up with the following solution. Well, this algorithm works and will find the key if it exists in the

This Company Is In Dire Need Of Penetration Testers & Here's The Proof

DISCLAIMER This article is for informational & educational purposes only. All rights reserved. It was around midnight and I was doing some research on a project when all of a sudden my internet connection died. What? Seriously? What day is it today? My contract with my 'loyal' ISP had ended.

6 Rules To Help Improve The End User Experience Of Your Web Development Projects

Most of my time developing I had to focus on saving memory and making sure the algorithm I used was finely tuned for performance. This usually meant that even if I had to sit for hours scribbling things and trying to find a faster solution to what I started with,