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Head of Digital Marketing at KCB Bank Group. Founded and sold Internet Startup. Held senior positions at Kenya’s leading Ad Agencies and privately consulted for businesses.

How To Increase Your Startup's E-Commerce Revenue

A mentor of mine once told me that to succeed in business, I should always ask the why behind the why behind the why so here goes. Why? Because approximately 41% of Kenya’s population is now connected to the internet. Why? Because they are using the internet to open

4 Low Cost Tactics That Will Turn Your Business Around

"Welcome aboard 21st Century Marketing Airways. I will be your Captain, and assisting me on this flight will be your Company’s Receptionist, the Production floor supervisor and two of your Sales reps." The traditional marketing department whose job was to spend money has its days numbered. In

How Your Startup Can Re-Claim Customer Loyalty In The Digital Age

Hands up if you grew up with Omo, Blueband, Royco, Kimbo and Sony. Now hands up if you currently have Ariel, Prestige, Knorr, Kasuku or Samsung in your house. When did you make the switch? Why did you? In my past life as an Advertising Executive, I managed a major

Mobile Advertising Is A Waste of Money, Do This Instead

Ok. What is mobile advertising really? My experience in the industry has shown me that when people talk of mobile marketing, they are talking of one or more of the following: Buying banner advertising on mobile sites and popular apps Creating a Mobile Version of your Website Building a Mobile

Why Are Kenyans Not Downloading Apps Made In Kenya?

I spent the better part of 2013 building Apps for clients and turning down others who didn’t seem to think an App should cost what I was charging. The excitement both on my part and the client’s part was palpable! Finally, they could reach their clients directly, providing

The Customer Is The Real Benchmark, Not The Competition

Jason Fried is a Silicon Valley Maverick who has caused industry ripples with his unconventional Management style. In his New York Times Best Selling book ReWork, Jason says that in his 15-year career as a Business Leader, he has managed to outshine competition by doing less and teaching more. His