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Copywriter/analyst at Thinkmobiles with over years of experience in web and mobile app fields. Currently watching for VR and AR projects.

7 Reasons To Outsource Your Software Development Rather Than Hire Freelancers

Although there are some benefits to using freelancers, in my opinion, it is far better to outsource your software development project. While situations may differ, below are my 7 reasons why should outsource instead of using freelancers. 1. Better Communication ![Manuel Fawlty Towers](/content/images/2017/09/Que-Manuel-Faulty-Towers.jpg) Unless

Is It Better To Hire Freelancers Or Outsource Your Software Development?

Whatever your startup, business or company fields, you really need a website. As a result, because you might not be able to create one on your own, or don’t want to mess with website builders you should choose between an outsourcing team or freelancers. Hiring AngularJS developers is a