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A science journalist, Head, Environment Desk at Daily Trust newspaper, Nigeria. Widely traveled,honoured as one of the journalists who change the world in 2009

Low funding of R&D in Afrika is stifling development

The future of research in Afrika is in jeopardy unless adequate management of national scientific research systems is done, a meeting has heard. Experts at the meeting said that inadequate management of national scientific research systems is frustrating researchers in Afrika and other developing countries. Top researchers from developed and

Afrika's science brain drain is holding the continent back

When scientists and researchers from Afrika and other developing regions gather, one can predict brain drain issue being on their agenda. The topic is usually characterised by lamenting on how it is robbing their respective backyards of talents needed for transformative development. At a meeting of the International Council for

Afrika’s funding allocation to R&D is less than 1% of the continent’s GDP

Afrikan governments’ low funding allocation to research is the bane of development on the continent, a conference has heard. Afrika’s funding of research and development (R&D), which is estimated to be 0.45% of the continent’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), remains far below the global average

Lack Of Leadership Said To Be Hampering Nigeria's Nuclear Electricity Generation Plans

Lack of leadership is frustrating Nigeria’s 2000 target of generating 1,000 megawatts of electricity from a nuclear plant by 2017, experts say. Nuclear scientists and engineers helped Nigeria develop a road map in 2000 to generate nuclear energy to help address the country’s power challenges. Seventeen years

Here's Why Fighting Cybercrime In Nigeria Isn't Easy

Imagine this: you get an e-mail promising you wealth beyond measure from a random person you'd never heard of. The email goes on to detail just how much trust that this person has in you, enough to gift you a share of the money, no questions asked. All you have