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A Look At Chatbots In The Hospitality Industry

The premise of having a chatbot is relatively simple - to automate communication and act as a window to access a service by a company. In the hospitality industry communication and information transactions must be smart, swift, insightful and analysable. Chatbots are hence the perfect tool for this type of

5 Failed Technology Inspired Predictions Of The Hospitality Industry

Every new year there are articles predicting the state of travel and hospitality for the twelve months that follow. Most of these predictions are logical, based on hard data, and momentum from trends in the previous year. A few of these predictions, however, die on paper, ink spilled in vain,

This Is How Technology Will Shape Hotel Rooms Of The Future

Travel back to 1950, and you'll be sure to find a well written and animated article on the subject – the hotel room of the future. It's an interesting subject for those involved in the hotel industry, a culmination of unhinged literary creativity, and fairly logical projections based on the trends