When transporting files such as hard drives, there is always a risk of it getting damaged.

Hard drives and flash drives may be small devices, but they are delicate and require extra care when packaging them and moving them from one destination to another.

Why should hard drives be protected?

A hard drive contains several round platters – its main function is to store information on either side. Apart from these platters, there are also small devices which glide quite close to the round platters in order to read any information stored on it. If a hard drive is damaged during transportation, these small devices, also known as heads, can scrape against the platter and damage the data on the drive. Therefore, utmost care is essential during transportation.

Here are a few tips on how to protect hard drives during transportation:

Use a Turtle case

Turtle cases are super-efficient at protecting hard drives and flash drives. These cases are waterproof and contain anti-static foam inserts for added protection. These cases have enough capacity for hard drives ranging Β from 1 to 84 drives per case, depending on the size of the drive. They offer you the best protection and peace of mind during transit.

Use bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is vital in preventing the hard drives from moving up and down during transit – thus protecting it from any damage. Wrap all hard and flash drive in layers of bubble wrap to secure it.

Avoid padded envelopes

It is quite common to use padded envelopes when moving smaller items such as memory chips. However, they are not sufficient on their own. These devices are still at risk of damage during delivery, therefore, avoid using them on their own.

Choose a trusted delivery company

As vital as it is to pack your goods securely in a turtle case, ensuring that they are safely transported to their destination is just as essential. At the end of the day, your company and its client’s files are of utmost importance, so if you ever need to move them, you must choose the delivery company wisely. Choose companies that allow you to trace the transportation of your goods and also covers you with a shipping insurance.

By safeguarding your information, you can ensure that your hard drives are protected against damage during transportation, leaving you more relaxed and time to upgrade your document management system.

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