Is a business without capital possible?

What makes you not start what you want to do and not have the income you want?

Is it a lack of time, a lack of capital, or a lack of ideas?

First of all, let us note that most people in our time suffer from a lack of time. This is also one of the most important problems we have to solve. We don't have time because we work every day, we have family, obligations, outside work, etc. So as we arrange to meet someone for one hour, or do our favorite hobbies like playing online slots, golf, etc. But we should make an appointment with ourselves to start what we want to do and get organized.

It must be understood that the phrase: "I don't have time to improve my life and my finances" is the beginning of the problem. We get up instead of 07:30 at 06:00 or sleep instead of 23:00 at 00:30, and immediately, we have created some time.

You don't need anything special in the beginning. Many people think you need a super site, a graphic designer for marketing, funds in infrastructure, etc. Of course not. Before your idea is tested, you don't even need a site. You can start by writing a helpful report on an item that your potential customers would like to read.

For example, if you want to sell espresso machines, all you have to do is make a 5-6 pages detailed report that will help all potential buyers of espresso coffee makers to download it and, in return, leave their email for you.

Make a list of potential customers interested in what you give them and get value from your report. Do your best, and definitely in a week at most you'll have it ready. You already have a clientele in your hands, so you start selling them what you want later through email marketing.

Get help!

It’s very likely that you will not be able to do everything yourself in the beginning. For example, you may be good at your subject but not do well in marketing. Discovering, admitting, and getting help for things you are not good at is the beginning of everything.

1. Collaborations: You can start your own business with someone with the information you do not have. Collaborate.

2. Hire a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant: You can find highly qualified people in services like, Odesk, or Upwork.

3. Find a student to help you: Do you know how many students apply for internships during or after their studies? Too many. Go to the appropriate section, find the liaison office and start a contact looking for specific features. For example, assign your logos to a graphic arts student. He wants the experience and pocket money, and you need a small budget.

Do you lack of ideas?

If someone close to you has a business that’s doing well and you know in depth the job and the recipe for its success, then maybe it is a good idea to make an info-product (i.e. an educational guide in video or text) in which you will explain to a third party, what exactly is the recipe for success in this subject. For example, does your father have an optical business that goes well?

Learn all the secrets of his job (suppliers, strategies, brochures, promotional materials, offers, sales process, etc.) and make a guide on how to start an optics business from scratch. Inside the guide write down some important business secrets so that it has value for someone to buy

Research a successful product

Look abroad mainly for successful info-products and books that guide learning a specific technique or acquiring some skill. We’re not talking about copying, we are talking about studying and researching.

If you still don't have ideas, then you may want to work on the ideas that others have, promote them, and get paid for it. This is called Affiliate Marketing, and if you want to learn more, you can see here how such an Affiliate Marketing company works.

Starting to work in an affiliate marketing company who will train you in sales. You will acquire important skills and have the opportunity to have income so that when you are ready, you can implement your own idea.

Don't you have money?

Do your project with Crowd Funding

There are now too many sites for crowd funding, where you publish something you want to do, the interested parties pre-pay for the final product or service and as soon as you have it ready you deliver it at the price you promised. Examples:,,

Find a company with a relevant object to finance you

There are many companies that have the ability, if they see something good, to finance it, as long as it is consistent with their object or is something really very smart and useful. Remember, the market pays you for solutions to existing problems.

Make a Business Plan and present your idea to potential investors

Some people are charismatic and have good ideas but don't have the money to support them. Therefore, they can't proceed on their own to implement their ideas. That is why there are investors.

There are people who are looking for ideas and people to invest in and expect some long-term financial benefit. It would help if you got closer to these people. A common way is to make a business plan of your idea and learn to present it correctly.

When I say right, I mean to present it complete with income/expenses and to show its perspective. This requires practice, and you can find resources on the Internet on how to submit a Business plan or how to do "Idea Pitching."

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