It is typical for all casinos to look for a way to make more profits. For this to happen, they would need more customers to bet using their sites. To answer the bigger question, then yes, African players can bet through offshore sites. Check out why this has become a possibility.

Why it has become possible for African players to bet on Offshore sites

There are several reasons that have allowed most African gamblers to use offshore sites. It may include sites like Unibet. You can check out the Unibet review here. Below you will see a list making it a fact.

1. Most of the countries do not ban offshore sportsbooks

It is common knowledge that you will need the easiest time gambling if you are a gambler. Otherwise, not to worry about any legal provisions provided in a country. Offshore sites work in a wide jurisdiction and offer the possibility for a gambler to operate freely. It is the main reason for these sites attract a variety of customers, including Africans.

2. Offshore sites offer competitive odds, unlike government restricted sites

For a game to be enjoyable for a gambler, the first thing is that the odds should be juicy so that it can attract more attention. Government restricted sites have the disadvantage of offering lower betting odds due to the laws and taxes pounded on them.

Unlike legally restricted sites, it is easier for one to get bigger odds from offshore sites, hence counting as an advantage for profit reaping.

3. Offshore sites may otherwise be the only option

As you know, gambling can be addictive and yet very enjoyable. It has attracted many people's attention, although some people may not have the opportunity to enjoy it since it is not available in their countries. However, offshore sites come in handy as it is widely available worldwide for anyone interested.

4. Players getting used to unregulated sites

Betting has had a longer history of people participating in the sites. Although they have been enjoying gambling, restrictions have always been in place, making it harder for them to reap huge benefits. Offshore sites offer fewer restrictions for the people who want to bet and this is a huge attraction for more people, including the African players.

Sites do sometimes compete to get a wide customer base. It has taken key interest on the African players to participate on the offshore sites since they offer good customer service, banking options and good deposit and withdrawal limits.

Advantages of African players using offshore sites

It is not possible for anyone to enjoy any site without knowing the benefits that will be after that. In this part of the article, you will see some of the advantages.

1. Safety

Although some of these sites are not regulated by the government, they offer good protection on your deposits and withdrawals the same way that legal sites perform. Furthermore, these sites compete and they would not risk putting their reputation on the line.

2.Quick withdrawals

You do not have to go through a huge process for you to get your withdrawal. In addition, there is less tax imposed through these sites and the withdrawal time is within 24 hours which is suitable for most people. Therefore, it attracts the attention of many players.

3. Bonuses

For any site to have a huge traffic of people, you know that it offers more bonuses and opportunities for people to make more cash. Bonuses are ways of promoting the site and gaining more traffic.


Offshore betting has been a growing industry, and it still is. African players have also added to the growth since they have brought some more revenue to the table. For this reason, do not be afraid to join an offshore site as it is also allowed for African players.

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