The launch of online betting and growth in the popularity of mobile gambling apps means an ever-increasing number of adults are placing bets on their Android and iOS devices.

The best sportsbook apps allow users to bet on their favourite sports including football, cricket, boxing, tennis, and basketball in a single click. You can also search for the most generous bonuses and unique markets.

Sites like onlinesportsbetting.neteven allow visitors to compare odds and ensure they are getting the best deal possible when staking. Modern sports betting is fast, convenient, and accessible to millions. New members join every week and more would do too if they had the answer to a simple question. Is online sports betting safe and does it risk your privacy?

Be on your guard

Unfortunately, this isn’t an open and shut case. The reason for that is many scammers exist intent on exploiting online gamblers. They pray on trusting bettors and pose as genuine sportsbooks to get their hands on your details. These types of fraudsters should be avoided at all costs. But they shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the industry as there are many genuine online bookmakers.

Betting on sports using websites and mobile apps is something enjoyed by people across the world. Betting on the top leagues and competitions including the English Premier League, NBA, racing from Longchamps, world championship boxing in Germany and more. Sports betting allows gamblers to ramp up their interest in an event.

Cheering your favorite team on to victory is exciting but doing so knowing you have a bet on the outcome and are about to profit from that victory can’t be beaten. It allows you to cheer with your team rather than for your team. The good news is the security and online privacy involving online gambling has never been better. You can join a secure sportsbook app today and enjoy a bet on sport with complete peace of mind.

Look for the license information

When looking to open an online betting account your first port of call should be to ensure the bookmakers are licensed and regulated by a respected gambling commission. If they are you will find details of their license number at the bottom of the homepage or on the company’s ‘about us’ page.

This should be easy to locate as the bookmaker will be eager to prove they are genuine. If you can’t find details of the site being licensed and regulated the chances are, they aren’t. In that case, you should exit the page as soon as possible.

Analyze the site

It’s important to trust your instincts when looking through the site or app. Does it look professional or is the text littered with spelling errors? The best bookies employ the best staff to manage their online presence including university-educated content writers and programmers. If it isn’t up to the highest standards simply close the page.

Is there contact information including an email address, postcode, postal address, and a live chat feature? They should all be present and accessible. Again, the business will be keen to show transparency. You can contact the customer services team through live chat if you have any questions regarding the authenticity of the site. If they are genuine the staff will be quick to pick up your message and respond with any information you requested.

Online security

Any bookmaker worth your custom should employ the latest online security measures to protect the privacy and security of their users. At the bottom of the homepage should be details of the security programmes used. What you are looking for here is Secure Socket Technology (SSL) which is utilised by the leading sportsbooks in every country.

SSL protects your details such as your name, address, date of birth and payment information from cyberattack. It encrypts all info to ensure what you enter is never seen by another person including the staff working on the site.

Creating a unique username and password is another way for you to beef up the security of your account and safeguard your privacy. Create a username you will remember but isn’t obvious and a password you’ve not used on any other account.

A properly protected betting account with a leading sportsbook app will allow you to enjoy all the excitement that comes with sports betting.

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