Tizeti, ย a startup with solar-powered Wi-Fi towers in Nigeria, has announced that it will be rolling out its 4G LTE network in Edo State. The service will be available to people in Edo for $8/month.

According to Tizeti, they currently have 1,7 million unique users on their network.

โ€œRolling out 4G LTE broadband internet in Edo at the cheapest fixed broadband prices in Nigeria, and possibly Africa, is a strategic decision for us. We have been building brand-new, solar-powered, 4G-capable towers in Edo, starting with Benin City, which leverages Edo Stateโ€™s expansive fiber-network built by some of our partners, MainOne and Facebook. Edo State has a large population of vibrant, young people and a high number of higher institutions, which provides a foundation for a robust and thriving ecosystem to enable digital leadership. And the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, is implementing reforms in investment promotion and determination to build a robust technology ecosystem in the state, with an agenda that prioritizes Information Communication Technology (ICT)-compliant pedagogy in primary schools, improves digital skills for students and graduates and revamps technical education to increase productivity. This has created a perfect environment for us to roll out our low-cost broadband service, starting in Edo State, but with plans to expand across the country over the next few months," said Kendall Ananyi, Chief Executive Officer at Tizeti.

Providing affordable Wi-Fi across Nigeria

Although many companies offer Wi-Fi, Tizeti is unique in that their Wi-Fi towers are solar-powered. This, according to the company, helps them leverage the plummeting cost of solar panels and its low operating expense to power its base stations and passes the savings to its customers.

In 2017 Tizeti announced a partnership with Facebook to deploy affordable Wi-Fi services across Nigeria. As part of that partnership, Tizeti would expand Facebook's Express Wi-Fi by in different parts of Nigeria.

Tizeti Wi-Fi coverage map from 2017.

That partnership would be followed by another announcement during December 2017 between MainOe, Facebook, and Tizeti. This partnership was specifically about expanding affordable internet services across Lagos with MainOne stating that the project would leverage their fiber connectivity while also using Tizetiโ€™s solar-powered towers and Facebookโ€™s Express Wi-Fi.

Affordable internet for Nigeria's Edo State

The digital divide is often mentioned when talking about people across Africa who do not have access not only to the internet but affordable and good quality internet access. This also partially applies to Edo State as it falls outside of Nigeria's "broadband envelope."

However, this should change once Tizeti starts the $G LTE network roll-out from 1 April 2021 in Benin City.

"The launch in Edo State is personal to us as founders of Tizeti because we are alumni of the University of Benin. At 4,000 Naira monthly costs with a one-off installation cost of 4,000 Naira, we believe the plan is affordable, especially to undergraduate students. This provides a huge opportunity for people in Edo to benefit from unlimited broadband internet for use in online learning, eCommerce and entertainment, especially interactive games, video consumption, and music," said Ifeanyi Okonkwo, Chief Operating Officer at Tizeti.

According to the World Wide Web Foundation, ensuring fast internet in Africa will enable billions more to come online, and to take advantage of the life-changing socio-economic opportunities that access to the Internet provides.

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