If you’re not plugged into electronic document management systems (EDMS), your business's filing systems are nowhere near the 21st century. EDMS is a surefire way to improving document organization, security, and compliance.

Stepping out of 2020, there’s much that we can say we’ve learned, however, there is much to learn especially for the least digitally inclined business folks. Without the necessary resources for storing documents, you can expect your 2021 to be as chaotic as its predecessor!

For one, without an electronic records management (ERM) strategy, it will be difficult for your organization to regulate how each document or information is created, edited, shared, tracked, stored, or protected. The one thing that makes using ERM software easier is how it simplifies the process of record management, and this is done through automating functions such as metadata generation. As a result, retrieving documents and allowing approved employees access to those documents is made easy. What’s more, you can collect and store contracts, emails, receipts, audit trails, and other pertinent business records.

Learn more about ERM and its key benefits for your business.

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What is electronic records management?

ERM applications are used to accurately and methodically manage and share documents. These applications provide businesses and companies with the ability to reduce the physical space needed to store paper documents and physical records.

Furthermore, ERMs protect sensitive documents from physical damages such as fire, flood, or other hazards.

Why is Electronic Records Management important?

If you want to run an efficient business that can electronically create, store, and manage its documents, ERM systems are a must for your company. What’s more, these systems allow collaborations to run smoothly.

Employees, teams, and other co-workers can easily track changes and find electronic documents in the ERM system without the hassles of outdated methods.

What are the benefits of Electronic Records Management?


Everything is centralized with the company’s digital records and are kept there to increase productivity for smoother day-to-day operations.


If you’re a new business or a start-up saving money is essential. With an ERM system, you can cut costs as it reduces the time that staff members spend on manually processing documents and there’s no need for physical storage for paper space.


Being in the legal field or healthcare sector, or a government agency, compliance is paramount! Document management systems and ERMs have an automatic compliance feature which makes it easy for companies, businesses, and organizations to remain compliant with the law.

At The Document Warehouse, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality document management services. We strive to continuously lead the way in electronic document management systems and electronic records management services. Visit the TDW website for some online shopping today.

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