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You must realize that you are unique, that there is only one version of you. It is because of this uniqueness that you have to identify your creative zone of genius.

Irrespective of who you are, there's that one thing you're doing so well that you're naturally gifted at, and that you are the best at. We all have something that only we can do well. That's why it is said that even when it comes to your passions, do not follow the crowd because there's only one you.

In this episode of the Brilliant But Broke podcast, I explain to you how to go about finding your creative zone of genius, finding that one thing that you are good at. This is because when you are playing to your creative zone of genius, you cut out the competition.

You are in your lane. In that way, you gain confidence because you will be able to stand in your power more authentically. After all, it's coming more naturally to you.

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