We are in the middle of a revolution. And in many ways, it is a completely unexpected one. The COVID-19 pandemic has, quite suddenly, inspired a new age of digital communication. With that comes a whole new wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The concept of change is an uncomfortable thing for some to deal with. Nonetheless, the number of businesses adapting to the remote digital lifestyle – on a global scale – is growing at a rapid rate. So, while the pandemic has caused many devastating setbacks for businesses, it’s not all bad news.

Now is the time to capitalize on global mentorship and business development opportunities that may have been out of reach before.

Thriving as a startup

Any motivated entrepreneur thrives on learning and insight that allows them to move their business forward. COVID-19 has changed mindsets globally.

In terms of mentorship and learning, we have gained access to great business minds from multiple time zones, who are willing to share their insights into the cloud. The new way of working globally has brought us a much richer base of experience to tap into than we have ever had before.

We’re now tapping into a base of 29,000 CEOs who are willing to share their knowledge with startups and entrepreneurs. And while a lot of the technology we use to connect with these mentors was around before the pandemic, it was hugely underutilized.

An outwardly focused world

Somehow, isolation and lockdown measures have made the world far more outwardly focused than it was before. And that is likely to have a huge knock-on effect for businesses who take advantage of opportunities to learn from some of the world’s great business leaders.

COVID-19 has upgraded the way we work, learn, and interact in many ways. And even as we emerge from the pandemic at an as yet undetermined time, it looks like β€œMentorship 2.0” is here to stay. Business incubators and accelerators will continue to take advantage of virtual mentor matching, even as we add back the in-person element.

That is not to say that in-person meetings will entirely lose their power. But what we will see evolving after COVID is a combination of local, one-on-one interaction and cloud-based mentorship that is more in sync. Meeting over coffee with someone who knows your industry and has walked a similar business path is really powerful. Digital mentorship is the ideal complement to that. We will almost certainly see more of a blended learning approach to mentorship programs across the board in the future.

We can’t deny the massive negative impact that COVID-19 has had on millions of businesses. But we are extremely lucky, in that all we need is an internet connection and a computer to access proven secrets of success from the best.

As the way we interact continues to evolve, the nature of learning has become more fluid than ever.

So, what comes next?

Ultimately, humanity must continue to adapt. And resourcefulness is incredibly valuable in the digital age. The new digital revolution has just begun. And there is likely to be much more to look forward to.

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