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  • 05:51 - How Twitter led Ben to South Africa
  • 08:14 - Broadcasting, online streaming, and e-sports trends
  • 14:10 - What Apple vs Epic Games is really about
  • 23:37 - How we interact with mobile devices is changing
  • 27:13 - The commoditization of software and the move to codeless

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On 13 August 2020 something interesting happened. Firstly, Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, decided to allow players to make in-game purchases by paying it directly on iOS devices and not using Apple's in-app payment system. This led to Apple swiftly banning and removing the popular Fortnite game from its App store citing violation of rules.

Things then escalated quickly on the same day as Epic Games would then file legal papers against Apple opposing the ban and saying that the company is abusing its App store monopoly. What was surprising is that Google would also later remove Fortnite from its Play Store. That was surprising because the Play Store is less restrictive than Apple's App Store.

One thing that is emerging is that this battle, especially between Apple and Epic Games, appears to be one of those moments in history that will shape a few trends as far as app stores and online marketplaces go.

Joining me on this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show to discuss this is Ben Basche, a Product Manager at one of the largest entertainment companies in Africa. We also talk about another trend that looks like it will disrupt how software products are developed, specifically how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping people develop software products without needing to do any programming, codeless.

For context, this episode was recorded on 15 August 2020.

Biography: Ben Basche

Ben Basche is an American product manager, strategist, and writer living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He currently works at MultiChoice Group’s Connected Video division as a Senior Product Manager focused on content discovery.

Previously he worked in product management and product marketing at Layer, Drizly, and HeyNow Messenger in the United States. He occasionally writes on trends like conversational interfaces and augmented reality at in between homeschooling and changing nappies for his 2 sons and 3 stepsons.

Podcast notes

Personal Website: Ben Basche

Company: Multichoice Group

Twitter: Ben Basche

LinkedIn: Ben Basche

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Article: The best is the last by Benedict Evans

Blog Post; Platform's Rant by Stevey Yegge

Product: Amazon Interactive Video Service

Product: Amazon Honeycode (codeless)

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