Huawei is reporting that its App marketplace, AppGallery, is gaining momentum in Egypt over the past year. As a result, the Chinese telecommunications company and mobile devices manufacturer selected four of its partners in Egypt to take part in a global campaign.

The AppGallery campaign by Huawei will take place across 20 countries, including Egypt.

What is interesting is Huawei's approach when it comes to AppGallery. Unlike other popular app marketplaces, Huawei has adopted a local-first strategy. In Egypt, they have been focussing on local app onboarding.

Huawei AppGallery.

Top 5 App Marketplaces globally

Given that their smartphones are popular, Huawei's AppGallery has catapulted to become one of the Top 5 mobile phone app marketplaces globally. This rise was also facilitated by the political disputes between China and the USA.

These disputes eventually led to Huawei at some point being barred from doing business with Google. Google would then later confirm that it will not be supporting its Android operating system on any new Huawei mobile devices as well as its Google Play Store and apps.

This thus led to Huawei fast-tracking some of its plans including developing its own App marketplace. Leading it to now being among the Top 5 smartphone app marketplaces globally.

Assisting local partners to grow

Demonstrating AppGallery's commitment to growth in the Egyptian market, as part of the global scale campaign, four of Egypt's most popular apps have been selected for additional regional promotion to further enhance brand influence.

Encouraging partners to realize their business potential through targeted marketing, the campaign demonstrates the value of AppGallery's supporting promotion. The four partners were promoted across television commercials and AppGallery's regional platforms, featuring specially created video footage and supporting imagery.

As part of the wider campaign, AppGallery partners in Egypt benefited from enhanced brand awareness in the local market, leading to an increase in app downloads and engagement.

Capitalizing on extensive marketing capabilities, the following apps received additional support as part of the campaign:

  • CIB Egypt Mobile Banking – A convenient way to transfer money, use credit cards, access investment funds and many other features, the CIB app offers CIB customers in Egypt easy and secure access to their bank accounts.
  • Olx Arabia – Global shopping platform Olx is popular in Egypt's market, with a growing network of leading shops for consumers to browse through.
  • Watch iT! – The increasingly popular entertainment platform, Watch iT!, offers a bespoke selection of TV Series and films.
  • Otlob – As the number one online food delivery platform in Egypt, Otlob provides a variety of international and local food ordering choices to customers from more than 2,000 restaurants.

Each partner experienced a surge in user downloads, with AppGallery's regional marketing resources driving this progression.

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