A new center for research in Information and Communication Technologies, ICT sector, has been unveiled in Cameroon. It has been touted as the first-ever in the central African sub-region.

The research facility named the Terry and Linda Byrd Research Center, is hosted by a privately-owned ICT University based in the capital, Yaounde.

Terry and Linda Byrd, who are both renowned researchers with the ICT University in the United States of America, said the center has been opened to spearhead efforts in the domain of ICT research not only in Cameroon, the other five countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, CEMAC, but also sub Saharan Africa as a whole. Its main thrust will be developmental and applied research.

The official unveiling of the center took place on 16 July via videoconferencing and brought together more than 120 ICT experts from different parts of the world.

ICT research Center for Central Africa
One of the blocks of the ICT University campus in Yaounde which will host the new ICT research Center.

What the new ICT research center in Cameroon seeks to achieve

According to promoters of the Center, the facility will be offering opportunities to members of the general public and ICT enthusiasts in particular who are keen on carrying out findings that can stir and “influence the transformation of sub-Saharan Africa’s economies through exponential technologies to dramatically improve the business, health, education, and general welfare of people of this very important region of the world.”

Specifically, the Center, which has been described as being of world standards, will seek to “examine, analyze, survey, assess, grade and understand technologies” and the way they are used in advancing business and other aspects of human development in Africa.

“Exponential technologies are technologies that are advancing at an exponential rate and have the potential to thoroughly and entirely change the trajectory of human development. These technologies of interest include rapidly growing technologies such as 3-D Printing, blockchain technology, material science and nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and robotics, DNA sequencing, renewable energy and food fabrication”, Terry and Linda Byrd said in a statement.

With this, they added that there is therefore the undeniable need to carry out research that tries to understand exactly how these exponential technologies are infiltrating and influencing certain aspects of human society such as business, health, education, energy, communication, and even governance.

About the ICT University hosting the research center in Cameroon

The ICT University is a Pan African University created by a Cameroonian Professor in 2012 to offer training in all ICT-related fields. It has campuses in several developing countries around the world. The headquarters of its Africa campus is in the Cameroon capital, Yaounde.

Having trained more than 20,000 students since its inception, the ICT University has a purely US-based curriculum that offers the possibility of producing leading future ICT experts, technopreneurs, renewable energy engineers and business managers, among other professionals.

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