The government of Cameroon has announced a drop in the fee for buying the .cm country-code Top-Level Domain, ccTLD. Cameroon's Posts and Telecommunications Minister, Minette Li Likeng, made the announcement recently and said the move is intended to woo many more business enterprises, government establishments, and even individuals to own web domain names with the .cm extension.

Likeng said the fee for the acquisition of the .cm extension will stand at XAF 2,000 (circa $4) for the next three months, after which the amount will be raised to its initial figure of XAF 7,000 (about $10).

“Within the framework of a promotional campaign, the fee for the registration of the .cm domain name extension, for the period 1 July 2020 to 1 October 2020 is fixed at the sum of XAF 2,000 annually, all taxes included,” part of the Minister’s decision announcing the development, read.

The decision however specifies that the cost to be charged by Cameroon’s National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC - which manages the .cm domain name extension registry - should not exceed XAF 1,000 (less than $2). The Yaounde-based company, NETCOM SARL, is ANTIC’s official technological partner accredited to operate the service.

Fee slash is seen as a window of opportunity for businesses

This announcement by the government of the central African nation has been greeted with approval by those doing business in the ICT sector in the country, especially web developers, who say they see in the move, avenues of opportunities to explore.

“The .cm domain name makes reference to Cameroon. It offers many opportunities. If, for instance, you have a business based in Cameroon, you can make it better known by using the .cm domain name extension. Anybody who sees this will recognize exactly where it’s coming from,” Cyprien Tankeu, a web community development specialist, said

Nelson Tawe, an IT expert with Cameroon’s state broadcaster, CRTV, added that with the .cm domain name extension, “search engines automatically locate content related to search strings about the country, saving its owner the problem of geo-targeting.”

Authorities of ANTIC say the high search visibility for addresses with the .cm extension could serve as a big window of opportunity especially for businesses eager to have greater external prominence for their products and services.

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