Here are the latest podcasts on iAfrikan Radio that you can listen to. The featured episode is from the Tech Legal Matters podcast.

Technology continues to challenge the legal system and sometimes laws battle to keep up with the speed at which technology is changing, and the various new technologies that are launched. The Tech Legal Matters podcast will explore cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection, and other similar topics at the intersection of technology and the law.

Fighting and prosecuting corruption in South Africa

In South Africa, people often complain that it takes long to prosecute allegedly corrupt people. Sometimes this is because obtaining evidence of corrupt dealings and proving the corruption link often, legally, takes time.

In this episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast, we are joined by Nazreen Pandor, an attorney in Johannesburg who is also a certified fraud examiner. Nazreen explains how prosecuting corruption cases works and how whistleblowers and digital technology play an important role in these cases.

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How Naspers Foundry invests in South African technology startups

During 2018 Naspers announced that it will be committing R1,4 billion towards funding technology startups in South Africa over three years through a new fund known as Naspers Foundry. The announcement was made during the inaugural South Africa Investment Conference which took place in Johannesburg on 26 October 2018.

In this iAfrikan BYTES podcast, Fabian Whate, Head of Naspers Foundry, explains what the fund and organization do to develop South Africa's technology startups and innovation ecosystem. Fabian also shares the criteria they use to determine whether or not to invest in a tech startup.

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Dr. Michio Kaku on why Africa should invest in the intellectual capital economy

In this 4 years old episode of The iAfrikan Weekly, acclaimed and world renowned theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, among many points, talks about why it is important for African countries to start focussing on the "Intellectual Capital Economy" and not so much the natural resources economy.

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Building sustainable township businesses

A discussion featuring Tumelo Komape (Deputy Director of Digital Marketing at the City of Johannesburg), Monde Zuma (Chief Entrepreneur Officer at MamelodiBiz), Litha Kutta (Head of Enterprise and Supplier Development at Tiger Brands), Kefilwe Makgeka (Director at Pink Care), Tshidi Morabi (Director at Kinini Consulting), and Mafatshe Mogwai (Founder and Concept Developer at Made in Sosha). The discussion revolved around sharing practical advice on how to build sustainable township businesses and how they can gain access to markets.

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Mteto Nyati on South Africa, excellence and building a career

Mteto Nyati is one of those leaders in South Africa's society whose career path is nothing short of excellence. From starting as an engineer during South Africa's much darker Apartheid days, to changing industries into the Information Technology field and then later Telecommunications. He has proven that he has a knack for taking on challenges and finding solutions. In this episode of "The Tefo Mohapi Show" I got to speak with Mteto about his younger days as detailed in his book "Betting on a Darkie." We also discuss the state that South Africa finds itself in and what he proposes should be done to move the country forward.

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