After rumors on Twitter that Andela, a Software Engineering-as-a-Service company, was ceasing all operations in Africa, closing off all offices on the continent, and selling all equipment, the company has come out to say that it is adopting a fully remote way of working rather than shutting down its Africa operations. Added to this announcement, Andela has also said that it will now be accepting applications from software engineers from all countries in Africa.

Andela, to put it simply, is a software engineering consulting company that trains African software engineers and then uses them to fulfill client projects. Among its clients is Cloudflare, Wellio, ViacomCBS, and Women Who Code.

β€œOver the past five years, we have become experts at identifying engineering excellence from non-traditional backgrounds. We know that there are extremely talented engineers across Africa and we believe that opportunity should not be limited by proximity to a major tech hub. Being a remote-first engineering organization allows us to open up access to Andela for engineers across the continent,” said Jeremy Johnson, co-founder, and CEO at Andela.

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Turbulent years for Andela

Over the past couple of years, there have been some interesting developments at Andela. Among them is the company announcing that it will no longer be accepting applications from, and training junior software engineers. This after laying off several hundreds of them. More recently, the company laid off a lot of staff members citing the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic as one of the reasons.

This does not discount the fact that over the same period of years the company has also raised significant amounts of venture capital funding, from, among others, Serena Williams as well.

What remains to be seen however is how Andela adapts to a fully remote working environment across countries with different and varying levels of available telecommunications infrastructure.

Accepting software engineers across Africa

Remote work is a welcome trend given the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns and people generally fearing to catch the virus while no vaccine is yet available. This can also be observed in South Africa where Amazon announced that it will be hiring 3,000 people who will work fully remotely to service the company's customers in Europe and North America.

β€œBy removing restrictions on location, we will double our pool of potential talent to the roughly 500,000 engineers in Africa who can now leverage Andela to work with top international engineering teams. Ultimately, our goal is to break down the barriers that prevent talent and opportunity from connecting by providing an easier, more efficient way for companies to scale global engineering teams," added Johnson.

Andela is accepting applications from all countries in Africa. For more information on how to join, please visit:

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