Israel, through its Embassy in Cameroon as well as other private institutions, has been significantly contributing to the advancement of technology training and innovation in the central African nation. Be it through partnerships that entail sharing of knowledge and expertise, the country is supporting Cameroonian institutions and students involved in the Information and Communication Technology, ICT business.

On 29 June 2020, Israel’s ambassador to Cameroon, Isi Yanouka, inaugurated the Tel Aviv Developers Institute’s boot camp in the nation’s capital, Yaounde. The Developers Institute is one of Israel’s leading schools of coding, high tech innovation, and digital entrepreneurship.

Israel's ambassador to Cameroon cutting ribbon during launching of boot camp by Tel Aviv Developers Institute.

Deal to enhance training in web development in Cameroon

The Israeli outfit is partnering with a privately-owned Cameroonian technology training center through the boot camp, with the main goal being to furnish senior developers with the requisite skills that can enable them to excel in a highly competitive and fast-changing digital world.

The Israeli diplomat hailed the partnership deal between Developers Institute and VillaB, the Cameroonian training center, and said it will play a vital role in molding younger folks who want to acquire skills in web development within a short period.

“This is a very important partnership. We decided to work with a private institution because the private sector is also one of the locomotives for the development and growth of any country,” Yanouka said after cutting the inaugural ribbon of the training center.

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VillaB’s director of training and co-founder, Arielle Kitio, said the institution will be providing training in two key web development courses, namely Python and Javascript. She said trainees can study on-campus or online depending on their choice, and that the training will be intensive and will last twelve weeks, with the possibility of further training in Israel. “The idea is to give high tech competency to senior developers so that they can be more competitive in the web development market,” said Kitio. Those wishing to undertake the training will be subjected to a rigorous selection exercise, she added.

Other efforts by Israel to boost tech innovation in Cameroon

Apart from this deal with VillaB, Israeli outfits have other partnerships with different Cameroonian institutions aimed at supporting efforts in digital innovation and ICT training. There exist a partnership agreement between the country and Cameroon’s national advanced school of engineering in Yaounde. Through this partnership, a 3D high tech training center was set up in 2016 and has been training hundreds of young Cameroonians on cutting-edge digital innovations.

Also, the Israeli envoy to Yaounde has hinted that his country is seeking to expand its cooperation with IAI-Cameroon, a training institute offering ICT formation in diverse domains. Before now, IAI-Cameroon had benefited from support from an Israeli company which helped IAI-Cameroon install a solar energy platform at a school for the deaf and dumb in a remote locality of Cameroon’s Center region.

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