The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, EC-Council, a  United States-based cybersecurity company has sealed a partnership deal with one of Cameroon’s leading information and communication technology institutions to foster training programs in cybersecurity within the central African sub-region, CEMAC.

The deal with Seven Academy, an IT training institute based in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala, was signed recently and it’s intended to equip young people in Cameroon and the other five CEMAC countries with IT skills “that will enable them to leverage all opportunities in the job and entrepreneurial markets.” The partnership deal was signed for Seven Academy by its Chief Executive Officer, Estelle Yomba, while EC-Council’s Channel Manager for Africa, Jobby Varghese, appended his signature on behalf of the company.

Seven Academy is a first-class IT training institute in Cameroon which furnishes young Cameroonians with relevant IT skills that enable them to easily find as well as create jobs in an era marked by supersonic changes in technology. EC-Council, on its part, is one of the world’s foremost information certification security bodies based in the United States of America.

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“This partnership deal is coming at the right time. Many people in Cameroon do not have a clue of what cybersecurity is all about. I think this will be an eye-opener and an opportunity for young Cameroonians, in particular, to get into internationally certified cybersecurity training,” Clifford Tambe, a cybersecurity instructor at Seven Academy said of the partnership deal.

What trainees will benefit from the cybersecurity partnership deal

According to the agreement, EC-Council will help Seven Academy offer low-cost training in cybersecurity with the same international quality training, enable access to internationally recognized in-demand cybersecurity certifications for eight different programs, give free mentorship to trainees wishing to take EC-Council’s certified ethical hacker examinations and facilitate access to cybersecurity jobs and many other advantages.

Partnership agreement is expected to boost Seven Academy's cybersecurity training.

George Munang, Seven Academy’s Director of Communications said in a statement that the signing of the agreement makes the institution the lone internationally accredited training center in Cameroon backed by EC-Council to “deliver the training on EC-Council products using the EC-Council courseware”. Munang added that it has always been the goal of Seven Academy “though the leadership of its selfless CEO to bring the international certification of cybersecurity experts right to the doorsteps of Cameroonians.”

“This agreement also comes after the EC-Council’s monitoring, review, and approval of the training model of Seven Advanced Academy as a leading professional IT training institute within the CEMAC sub-region,” he added.
The Director of Seven Academy, Therese D’avila Signé, said she hopes the deal will spark more interest in young girls to enroll for the training.

“As a mother, and because our CEO is a woman in tech, I strongly advise young women to explore this opportunity and get into cybersecurity. It’s not a field for men only,” she stated.

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