On a normal day, Stephen Odhiambo works to build furniture along Ngong Road in Nairobi. He is good at what he does, based on the video that has been circulating on social media. However, being good is not good enough for business. You need to make a sale. That is what matters.

It is for this reason that Stephen Odhiambo displays his furniture along Ngong Road in Nairobi. Like many others of his colleagues, Ngong Road has established itself as a furniture haven in Nairobi and most do not even formal stalls. It is simply a roadside display of furniture. Willing buyers will see the furniture that they like and will stop to buy. That is how it works.

Furniture on sale along Ngong Road, Nairobi.

However, is there more to the roadside display?

Can these people make more money from other locations outside Ngong Road?

It turns out yes, and the tool needed to achieve this is in their hands. Stephen Odhiambo took a video of his foldable table/seat and shared with potential buyers on WhatsApp. One would expect the clip to circulate in various groups and a few inquiries. Something bigger happened.

The Tweet that got Stephen Odhiambo many furniture orders

The video clip got into the hands of one Mohammed Hersi who shared it on Twitter.

The Tweet that increased sales for Stephen Odhiambo.

Results of the tweet

As a result of that tweet by Mohammed Hersi, Stephen Odhiambo has received more than 800 orders. In short, orders worth KShs 20 million in just a week!

How did that happen?

The person who shared the clip in the tweet is a well-known figure in the tourism industry. He also has almost 300 thousand followers on Twitter. These would be people very likely to buy his product.

The power of a single tweet was manifested here.

A lesson

Stephen Odhiambo will need help to fulfill all those orders because it takes him four days to make one piece. He will need a team, and collaboration with other people if he is to meet the demand. This is one of the hardest parts of the business. Building a team that can deliver is not easy. I hope he can pull this.

However, it is even worth noting that he is not the first to make such a table/bench. There are many videos of it on YouTube. Most likely, he found one online and decided to make it. It is good if you can come up with a new idea, but you are not doomed if you cannot.

You do not need to be the inventor of something to benefit from it. You can implement many ideas that exist because the world is big enough and there will still be a market.

I am sure today almost every other furniture maker is busy trying to replicate what Stephen Odhiambo did, and soon the supply will be flooding.

May the best win.

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