TV2GO, a South African free online TV platform, has announced the launch of a channel only dedicated to the Black Lives Matter cause. Β Infinivy, the company behind TV2GO, added that it created the channel because they fully support and stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement as it upholds and respects the lives of black people in the USA and around the world.

Infinivy launched TV2GO during 2018 announcing that all a viewer needs to access its 100 plus channels is an Internet connection, as there is no need to sign-up, register, or pay a subscription fee. Announcing the launch, Jomo Sono, Infinivy's President, explained that their aim is to bring free TV to the people.

"As a result of these brutal actions from those in the police forces around the globe who have been proven to carelessly continue butchering and slaughtering black lives, there have been multitudes of calls from different people for justice to be served. We as South Africa’s first online Free TV, have officially launched in a new TV channel #151, solely dedicated to the cause β€˜BLACK LIVES MATTER’."

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The announcement of the Black Lives Matter channel also comes during a month which South Africa celebrates the many youth who were killed on 16 June 1976 by Apartheid police officers for protesting against being taught in Afrikaans. A day which still reminds us that even to this day, black people around the world are still being killed by police for any odd reason or no reason at all.

"As South Africa celebrates Youth Month, a time where we are reminded of the fallen young Black lives in South Africa, brutally gunned down by its police force, merely for fighting for their own rights as firstly human beings and lawful citizens of the country. We find ourselves in a world that is over engulfed in a rife, universal scuffle wherein Black people the world over are being sensely murdered by police once again. Decades after slavery and apartheid have been prosumed to have ended , we find some people taking the lives of black people for granted and seeing them like they are useless in their eyes while cutting a them short as and when they please," reads a statement by Infinivy.

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