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  • 02:16 - Falling in love with cigars
  • 06:40 - The process of going from tobacco farming to a cigar
  • 16:32 - The concept behind Bongani Cigars
  • 21:27 - How a cigar is constructed
  • 32:17 - What type of smoker is Bongani Cigars targeting?

Africa produces a lot of tobacco annually. Across the continent, you will find tobacco farms that produce and mostly export their leaves outside the continent to cigarette and cigar makers across the world. More interestingly, one of the finest tobacco leaves grown in Cameroon is responsible for making (a wrapper) some of the world's finest cigars, yet, Africa for a long time never had a cigar brand or maker.

Kamal Moukheiber, the founder of Mozambique based Bongani Cigars, also realized this and started researching and building an African cigar brand. Not only an African cigar brand but one that is made in Mozambique.

Kamal shares some insights into what it takes to go from farming tobacco to having a cigar. As well as the patience, tenacity, and skill required to start a cigar brand.

Biography: Kamal Moukheiber

Kamal is an ex-financial services professional who worked in London's financial district. Having started developing a liking for cigars he travelled to Cuba to learn more about them.

It was then that his interest grew and he started the first African cigar brand - Bongani Cigars.

Podcast notes

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