Zimbabwe, like any other country in Africa and around the world, has been impacted by the coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The negative impact beyond the obvious health implications is economic.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread in Africa, Zimbabwe's startups were already undergoing negative turn of their economic fortunes while operating in a trying economy. The lockdown measures announced in the country during March 2020 by the government made things worse for many budding startups.

To this effect, This is why Tech Hub Harare has commissioned a study to gather information and to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected startups in Zimbabwe. The study aims to create interventions to assist startups to deal with the negative effects of the pandemic.

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Helping Zimbabwe's startups during the COVID-19 pandemic

As things stand some startups in Zimbabwe are adjusting their business models and launching digital business models in response to COVID-19.

"Without these interventions, momentum will be lost and many startups will die, leading to a lot more job losses. Understanding what startups are going through is important and will help stakeholders map appropriate responses to assist them to deal with the pandemic. Startups can innovate and help solve some of the problems being faced by the country during this pandemic," reads a statement by Tech Hub Harare.

Tech Hub Harare is a co-working space that supports startups with office space, Internet access, training, mentorship, networking opportunities, and the right community which encourages startup founders to grow into big businesses.

Vibrant startup ecosystem

Zimbabwe's startup ecosystem is quite vibrant.

Tech Hub Harare hopes that the findings from the study will be released in June/July 2020 and will be useful for all stakeholders, including government, investors, and development partners.

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"Post COVID-19 the focus will be on finding ways to create and save jobs while creating better livelihoods for everyone. The Startup Survey on Covid-19 Response & Recovery is targeted at startups founders in Zimbabwe."

Tech Hub will share findings from the survey with partners and participants and also help create interventions.

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