A few months ago, the less tech-savvy or the more tech apprehensive consumer would opt for a physical walk-in retail store to stock up on their goods or services. Currently, however, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been a disruptor of sorts, propelling consumers to adapt to using technology in all forms, almost forcing the acceleration of the digitization of everything and the adoption of technology solutions sooner than we could have anticipated.

For instance, the consumer that was worried about online shopping and all the potential security threats of the Internet has now had to adapt to buying online, and one can assume that once they experience the pleasantries or ease of use of online shopping, they will most likely make a complete shift in how they purchase goods.

This bodes well for forwarding thinking companies that realized earlier on that digitization of retail is the way of the future. Acer South Africa is one such forward-thinking company that launched the shop Acer online store for the convenience of its customers.

“We have learned now that everything that can be digitized will be, and we’ve taken advantage of this insight by having this store. This way customers that are already buying online have a platform to shop Acer specific products, and when those consumers still adapting to online buying are willing and ready, will not only find quality products for their needs but also have a unique, safe, and seamless customer experience,” said Verusha Joseph, Online Specialist for Acer Africa.

The online store features and sells the latest range of products ranging from laptops for home, work, or gaming and education and for the hardcore creative. They also feature a range of monitors, projectors, and accessories making it easy for the customer to navigate creating making for seamless customer experience. Once your product is purchased it can be delivered for free nationwide

Additionally, the company also provides deals and specials on products. For instance, running until the end of May is a special on the Swift 7 and Triton 300. Consumers looking for a good deal can get up to five thousand off for these two products. However, the main attraction is perhaps their warranties and after-sales services.

On all products, customers also have access to a local call center and services team that would be able to assist with after-sales support quickly and effectively. This is an additional value add as most electronics companies host their service centers abroad. Another way the company is making online shopping a pleasant and trusted experience.

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