Africa Data Centre (ADC), part of the Liquid Telecom Group, has announced that it has completed its acquisition of a Tier IV data center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The data center belonged to Standard Bank and according to ADC, the acquisition has been unconditionally approved by the South African Competition Commission.

“The unique combination of this outstanding facility and Africa Data Centres’ certified operational excellence is the ideal choice for the most demanding organisations, especially those in the financial services sector, who require the highest standards of security and resilience for their IT infrastructure. We cannot wait to open this hidden gem to the market,” he explains. “The acquisition marks a significant extension to Africa Data Centres’ pan-Africa network of interconnected, carrier and cloud-neutral data centres. It cements our continent-leading position and will further accelerate Africa’s digital transformation," said Stephane Duproz, CEO of Africa Data Centres.

Africa needs more data centers

Over the past decade, and you could argue even longer, in general we have witnessed progress as far as digital technology is concerned across Africa.

The continent is not merely a consumer of digital technology but it has increasingly produced its own technology solutions and in some cases become the trendsetter. However, more still needs to be done.

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This is true especially when it comes to data centers being built on the continent.

Although the data center that ADC has acquired from Standard Bank is not a new one in that it was already available, it is welcome that now, thanks to the acquisition, it will be available to any organization that wants to use it. ADC have said that it will be available on an open-access basis, giving every modern technology-driven enterprise the confidence to innovate and grow.

World class data center in Johannesburg

In recent years we have observed as Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened a data center region in Cape Town as well as Microsoft Azure announcing data centers in both Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa. Both the AWS and Azure are also meant to service the rest of Africa.

The need for Africa-based data centers becomes even more pronounced when you factor how African governments have lately been waxing lyrical about the digital economy being key to economic development and in other cases about how emerging technologies as presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution are key to the continent’s future. As Isaac Mophatlane, chairperson of Randvest Capital, recently quipped in an interview with iAfrikan: "Data centers are like hospitals, you can never build enough."

The Johannesburg-based data center is said to be purpose-built as a Tier IV data center, offering maximum levels of security and reliability. This is important for financial services organizations.

The data center is also unique when considering its configuration, it features complete redundancy across all power and cooling components, unrivaled physical security and seamless scalability for expansion. It will also operate on a fully carrier-and cloud-neutral basis.

“We are investing heavily in South Africa at the moment, as well as the rest of Africa. We are very confident in the future of South Africa, hence this significant investment.” Masiyiwa also confirmed that plans are at an advanced stage to enter West Africa, adding, “We have secured land to build the largest data centres in Ghana and Nigeria,” said Strive Masiyiwa, Executive Chairman of the Liquid Telecom Group.

Neither ADC nor Standard Bank have disclosed details regarding the amount of money the acquisition amounted to.

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