Creating your legal Will and Testament that dictates how your estate should be handled when you pass away can seem like a daunting and confusing exercise. Not only do you have to confront the emotional issue that you will eventually die, but especially considering the legal processes and jargon involved.

This is where MyWill, a new service on the MyLegal online law platform by De Wet du Plessis Attorneys, believes it can help South Africans to make the process of creating a Will simpler and convenient.

β€œMyWill was created to ensure that no family is left fighting complicated legal battles after losing a loved one. Addressing these factors on MyWill not only protects your family from unforeseen emotional strain, but will ensure they have a stable income and place to live in the months following your passing” said Matthew De Wet, an attorney at De Wet du Plessis Attorneys.

Last Will and Testament

The legal profession and justice system in South Africa is often frowned upon for being slow in adopting innovative digital technology solutions. However, there's usually a good reason for that as among many other considerations when adopting digital technology solutions in the justice system is that of being able to prove that the documents and information being used have not been tampered with and have been preserved as they were originally received or produced.

This also applies to Wills.

According to De Wet du Plessis Attorneys, the MyWill software guides users easily through the legalese involved in the process of translating personal wishes into a Will. Added to this, and to ensure that the Will is legally valid, MyWill also has a digital process to guide users "on how to validly and lawfully execute your Will."

Another barrier often mentioned by people when it comes to creating a Will is the fear that the legal consultation fees could amount to thousands of rands. MyWill have said that they believe that once-off fee of R199 for a Single Will - or R250 once-off for a Joint Will - their service makes it affordable for many South Africans to have access to creating a Will.

In 2012 FNB, a South African bank, launch a free service that allowed its customers to draft a will. However, after drafting it, without any legal consultation, customers would still need to print it and sign it.

"MyWill allows you to update your Will without costly trips to the lawyer’s office. This is useful since you should update your will upon the death of anyone named in your Will; illness of anyone in your Will; changes to the relationship status of parties named in a joint Will; the birth of new family members; the inclusion of new family members and the sale of any assets named in your Will, or upon material changes in assets in your estate."

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