It seems like lately there's a rampant fever for gaining followers on Instagram. More and more social media experts are launching webinars and e-books on how to quickly get Instagram followers so users see their accounts grow fast.

Some of these experts know what they are talking about and can offer good advice and guidelines, but not all of them are cut by the same pattern. You will meet others who help with flourishes in the language and impressive figures to take you where they want and make you act unethically on Instagram, which can lead you to block your profile temporarily or permanently.

You will surely wonder how you can protect your Instagram account from dubious behavior. In today's article we are going to review some of the most controversial behaviors that you should not apply on Instagram.

Buy Followers

Let's start with the most obvious: Do not buy followers from spamming sites, best place to buy Instagram likes is It may seem tempting and you may come across large accounts that do so without retaliation, but trust us, it's not worth it. Not only because it is unethical, but also because it will give your account a bad image and prevent you from getting real followers. If you don't believe us, here is why.

With Instagram's new algorithm, posts are rewarded based on interaction. That is, the greater the participation in your publications, the more chances you will have to appear in the first positions of the Instagram feed. So, for many followers you have, if nobody likes you or leaves your comments, your photo will fall to the last position.

And don't try to buy likes to compensate for the lack of participation. Instagram is cracking down on bots, so if they spot a lot of fake profiles that interact with your account, you risk being blocked.

Our advice: The best thing you can do is resort to traditional methods. Spend a couple of hours each day on Instagram, comment, like and follow the accounts you really like. Interact with everyone! It is clear that it takes longer, but you will see that soon you will be getting organic followers.

Follow / Unfollow

Or what is being the Follow / Unfollow. This is one of the most controversial growth practices on Instagram. The modus operandi of the users who resort to it is to follow many accounts in their niche and interact with them through likes and comments for a few weeks in the hope that these accounts will also follow them. After several weeks, they stop following all those accounts.

As you can see, this practice can be very annoying and even offensive for those who use Instagram with the aim of connecting and truly sharing. When an account in your niche follows you, interacts with you, and then stops following you, it's not pleasant.

Instagram users know what it is about and turn to applications to see who has stopped following them. So, if you do, that person is very likely to notice and also stop following you.

Our advice: You can always turn to a modified version of "Follow / Unfollow". That is, you can follow accounts of your niche and interact with them, and only stop following those that do not follow you, instead of stopping following everyone. If this still seems unethical to you, as we said before, it is best to resort to traditional methods.

Use Bots

A sure way to get them temporarily or permanently blocked on Instagram is to use bots. The problem with these is that they spread spam. Furthermore, they do not represent natural human behavior. We are sorry to take away your illusions, but Instagram knows very well that you cannot leave the comment "Cool!" on 100 different Instagram accounts in just 5 minutes; it's a bot. A pity, we know, but Instagram is putting the batteries in this regard.

The combination of spamming and acting too fast is a red alert for Instagram, so they will quickly stop you if you overuse bots.

The good news is that Instagram has been cracking down on automated interaction apps, making it almost impossible to be tempted to use these systems, as most have been closed.

Our tip: Interact authentically. We know it takes much longer, but if you leave real comments on people's photos, they will value it much more. And this will make you get organic followers.

We hope this article has been useful to you and that you will see the results soon. :)

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