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  • 01:25 - What is hacker culture?
  • 15:14 - How Higinio got started with computing and hacking
  • 20:40 - Involvement with Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street
  • 32:42 - Hacking prosecutions have changed since Kevin Mitnick's arrest
  • 39:59 - Ideas about the future of the Internet

Higinio "w0rmer" Ochoa was once upon a time banned from using the Internet by the FBI. This was because as a formerly convicted hacktivist he, as part of the Anonymous movement supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement hacked into some police databases in the USA as well as being involved with shutting down several companies websites and and online services around 2011 and 2012.

However, that is some time ago as he is now an Information Security professional in the USA who cares about a secure, private and open Internet.

In this podcast I got to chat with Hig' about various subjects ranging from exploring what culture is all about, how metadata in a photo lead to his FBI arrest, and we also explore various scenarios on the future of the Internet. With 20 years of experience in the Information Technology and specifically the Information Security field, he is undoubtedly one of the leading people to explore these topics with.

Hig' also had an episode of Showtime's Dark Net on Netflix dedicated to documenting how he lives without using the Internet and the devices he used in his "lab" on a daily basis during that time.

Biography: Higinio Ochoa

Higinio Ochoa is a reformed hacktivist who has a good understanding of Linux system administration, programming, and all matters related to information security and cyber-defense. Around 2011, Higinio hacked into police department websites in the USA to expose police officers who covered their badges while engaging in police brutality during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Using the code name "w0rmer", he was a member of a group of hackers named CabinCr3w, which was affiliated with the Anonymous movement at the time. Higinio has been heavily involved with computers and the Internet for over 20 years learning web design and advanced networking. His main desire into the field of information security is to build a better mousetrap. His passion is in defending networks, systems, and users from threats and threat actors.

With a unique understanding of the adversarial pool, he has participated in several lecture-based presentations to students in the IT field for notable institutions such as the University of Houston at Clear Lake and as a guest speaker alongside law enforcement professionals in the cyber-defense field.

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