Sports betting has evolved over the years. Technology has enabled app developers to build high tech sports applications for mobile phones.

Recent statistics show that most punters place bets at Betway on their phones. They wager on different sports such as athletics, basketball, cricket, golf, football, and volleyball. But, some amateur gamblers often get stuck on choosing the right apps. In this post, we explore eight sports apps for Android and iOS.

1.      CBS Sports

The app keeps sports fans updated on analysis, statistics, and scores. It has a live streaming feature that broadcasts PGA Tour and NCAA Basketball. CBS Sports offers on-demand professional analysis and match highlight videos. Or, you can tune in to the CBS Sports Radio for sports broadcasts. The HQ channel provides quality video streams.

2.      TheScore

TheScore offers game analysis, scores, and updates. It has a beautiful calendar that helps you track major sports competitions and highlight plays. Also, the sports app has a delayed game report that helps punters compare different teams when they place bets in the Betway app for fun. You can follow your favorite players at teams using theScore. Moreover, it has personalized notifications for the main games.

3.      TeamStream

TeamStream covers different sports competitions from all over the world. It is appropriate for sports enthusiasts who want to follow their favorite teams. The app allows you to add extra teams to receive real-time notifications. TeamStream provides photos, scores and video streaming from Bleacher reports, newspapers and websites.

4.      ESPN

All Android and iOS users can download ESPN. It offers the latest sports information and news from different sports. They include breaking news, accurate analysis, and live scores. ESPN provided instant match updates. It allows you to customize your favorite teams. There is an ESPN subscription service that allows users to stream live games, shows, and videos on their phones.

5.      The Athletic

The Athletic is suitable for sports enthusiasts who hate being interrupted by ads when following any sporting event. You have to pay a monthly subscription to get in-depth coverage from experienced sports writers. Canadian and American citizens can download The Athletic on their smartphones. The app covers college tournaments, the NBA and NFL. It offers a one-week free trial to new clients.

6.      Eurosport

Eurosport is an easy to use sports app that offers the latest sports updates. It has live score features and a sports calendar. The app displays over 150 sports news articles daily. It allows users to chat with other sports fans and compete in individual races. Eurosport covers golf, football, and tennis.

7.      Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a unique app that provides a detailed analysis of different teams and players. It has a wide variety of game interests. The app offers real-time notifications from genuine sources. It sends sports alerts about MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and NHL.

8.      Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is available for iOS and Android devices. It provides sports news, scores, and statistics. Punters can read informative stories from professional sports analysts on Yahoo Sports. It covers MLS, NBA, NFL, NACAR and NCAA. You can personalize notifications to get game highlights and schedules of your favorite teams.

Many punters get the latest sports news from reputable sports apps. CBS Sports, TheScore, ESPN, TeamStream, The Athletic and Bleacher Report are some of the top apps to look out for this year. They help you make accurate predictions when you wager at Betway. Besides, some apps live stream different sports events.

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