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  • 01:02 - The difference between privacy and secrecy
  • 06:20 - Is South Africa digital privacy conscious?
  • 09:40 - Data aggregators in South Africa and POPI Act compliance
  • 24:25 - South Africa's mass and indiscriminate state surveillance on citizens
  • 44:04 - How we can protect ourselves and children from our online privacy being abused

South Africa has one of the world's best laws when it comes to data protection. However, unfortunately, it is only good enough on paper.

This is because since the Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) has been signed into law in South Africa, some of its provisions cannot be fully implemented pending the SA Information Regulator office being fully functional and resourced.

As a result, the country has experienced some of the worst abuses of personal data collection, storage, and distribution without the responsible organizations being taken to task.

In this podcast episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show, I spoke to Murray Hunter, one of the leading voices on digital privacy and free speech in South Africa. Murray was also a friend of the court on a big case that had to do with South Africa's State Security Agency conducting indiscriminate and mass surveillance on citizens during his time at Right 2 Know.

Biography: Murray Hunter

Murray is a leading voice on privacy and free speech in South Africa.

From 2010-2018 he worked with the Right2Know Campaign, and has advocated for digital rights in Parliament, courts, research reports and media columns – and, at long last, in a children’s book.

Podcast notes

Book: Boris the BabyBot by Murray Hunter.

Film: The Laundromat on Netflix.

Article: South African IT firm Conor behind the leak of 1 million web browsing records by ZDNet.

Survey: South Africans nearly top the chart in citing 'internet companies' as a source of their concerns about privacy.

Article: What we know so far about South Africa's largest ever data breach by iAfrikan.

Article: Is Dracore Data Sciences responsible for South Africa's largest ever data leak? by iAfrikan.

Organization: Information Regulator (South Africa).

Organization: Right2Know.

Organization: amaBhungane.

Organization: Privacy International.

Campaign: Protect our private info! Implement SA’s privacy law! by Right2Know.

Article: South Africa's mass surveillance revealed by iAfrikan.

Organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Tools: Restore Privacy.

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